Dr. Hall’s Dental Tips


Weekly, on various radio stations, I have given out short informative bites of information I call my “Tip of the Week.” Those who have missed hearing them might like to read them:

  1. Most people I see have a hard time brushing on those back teeth, especially on the cheek side. If you’ll just close your mouth around that tooth brush handle, it will reach back there easier and keep those teeth cleaned.
  2. So you’ve been told you have bad breath and yet you brush your teeth. Well, it may be coming from the back of your tongue. Brush your teeth, but don’t forget to reach way back there and brush your tongue. You’ll be amazed how much it helps.
  3. The types of candy that produce the most decay stay in your mouth for long time. You know, the hard tack candies you suck on. A little bit of chocolate rinsed down with a drink is not as bad. Avoid the sticky candies that stay in your mouth a long time. Choose wisely.
  4. Are you a fanatic when it comes to brushing your teeth? Like five times a day or after every meal and snack? Technically correct and thorough brushing and flossing of your teeth once a day beats haphazard in and out brushing. It’s not how often you brush but how well you brush.
  5. How long have you been using the same toothbrush? Has it been through your latest cold or flu? Are the bristles having a bad hair day? Toss it! The few dollars you spend on a new toothbrush will cost a lot less than repairing a tooth that you couldn’t brush correctly.
  6. Tell your husband he can’t kiss you until he gets his cavities taken care of! It’s been scientifically proven that cavity causing bacteria can be transmitted through saliva. A clean plaque-free mouth promotes fresh breath. Fuzzy teeth aren’t sexy!
  7. If your spouse’s health is failing and they’re not feeling well, good oral hygiene is usually the first thing to go. It’s time for you to step in with a clean new toothbrush and come to the rescue of your loved one. Your spouse will feel better and will be less susceptible to disease.
  8. Stressed? You probably clench your teeth a lot. Except for when you swallow, or chew, your teeth should be a thick eighth of an inch apart. Clenching and grinding are habits that lead to muscle soreness, headaches and TMJ problems. Just relax and blow a little air between your cheeks and teeth. Keep those teeth apart.
  9. Did you know that for approximately one half hour after drinking something containing sugar, dental plaque continues to ferment the sugars and continues to produce acid. So if you sip on a big drink for hours, you are really promoting dental decay. You’re enamel will dissolve away.
  10. It’s the weekend or it’s after 5 at night and all of a sudden you have a toothache! No dental office is open! Use some oil of clove from the pharmacy. Dip a little cotton ball in the oil and place it into the cavity or missing filling in your tooth. You’ll feel better and survive the night just fine.
  11. A fluoridated toothpaste helps your tooth enamel to be more resistant to the acids made by dental plaque and the acidic foods you eat including soda pop. Sugar in any form, plus dental plaque equals acid. It dissolves your enamel. So, make sure your toothpaste has fluoride in it.
  12. Why do you have receding gums? It may be because you use a stiff bristle tooth brush. Or you might brush with big back and forth strokes. Use shorter strokes with varied motions and a soft bristle toothbrush. Your gums will be less likely to recede and your teeth will be cleaner and less sensitive.

I hope you have found a tip or two that will help you with your oral health!