If your tooth has been injured or had developed an infection, our dentists may recommend a root canal to save the tooth from extraction. This endodontic treatment is often the only alternative to a tooth extraction, and helps you retain your teeth as well as restoring your oral health.

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is a type of endodontic treatment. It is usually recommended when decay, infection or injury reach past the outer layer of tooth enamel and into the pulp, or nerves, of the tooth. When left untreated, this type of injury can cause discomfort and may even lead to the death and extraction of the tooth. Root canals remove this infected and injured tooth tissue to restore the health, strength and function of the tooth and help you avoid the need for additional treatments to replace it.

The root canal treatment process

When you receive a root canal, Dr. Phillip Hall or Dr. James Phillips will first remove the damaged dental pulp from the tooth before thoroughly cleaning it. The tooth is then filled with a medicated material to prevent reinfection and encourage healing. Finally, our dentists will cap the tooth with a dental crown to restore its shape and structure and help protect it against any further problems. This procedure can usually be completed in just one or two visits.

Root canals have a bit of a reputation as a painful treatment. However, thanks to advances in treatment techniques, technologies and anesthesia, this procedure can be performed with only minimal discomfort. Our team takes your comfort seriously, and we will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

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