The teeth are responsible for several oral functions, such as biting and chewing food, speech and a beautiful smile. But patients with multiple missing teeth often face difficulties with these essential oral functions. They usually feel too conscious of their appearance and may think twice before smiling openly.

Many patients with multiple missing teeth visit our dental practice because they are very self-conscious about their smiles and wish they could smile like everyone else. As dentists, we understand how you feel, and strive to give you the best smile possible.

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic replacements for missing teeth. Dentures are used by all patients who wish to get back a full-looking smile and better ability to eat. Dentures can be briefly classified into complete and partial dentures.

Complete dentures: These dentures are used when the patients have had every single tooth in their mouth removed. They are made from dental-grade ceramic and gum-colored acrylic to mimic the entire oral setup. The best part about these dentures is that they are removable. You may take them out when you go to bed to clean them and your mouth, etc. Currently it is recommended that patients sleep with their dentures in place to avoid being more susceptible to sleep apnea.

Partial dentures: When patients still have a significant number of teeth intact but wish to get multiple missing teeth replaced, they can choose partial dentures. These dentures are customized according to each patient’s individual needs and will have prosthetic teeth only in specific positions. These teeth sit adjacent to your natural ones when you put the dentures in, thereby completing your oral setup.

How are dentures fabricated?

Dentures are fabricated with high precision at a dental laboratory. When you visit Hallmark Dental Group for the initial consultation, our dentists will thoroughly examine your oral cavity and determine which type of restoration is the best for you. X-rays, impressions or digital scans of your mouth are taken to make a mold. It will then be shared with the dental laboratory for fabrication of the dentures, which could take a couple of weeks.

During the next appointment, our dentists will place the dentures in your mouth and check for proper fit and comfort. We will make any necessary minor changes to ensure a comfortable and ideal fit.

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