Orthodontic treatments aim to address the irregularities of the teeth, like teeth misalignment, occlusion, bite imperfection, overcrowding, and uneven positioning of the teeth. At Hallmark Dental Group, we help people correct their bite issues using the most effective and convenient orthodontic solutions. Our orthodontic solutions are aimed to help our patients have a proper bite restoring the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth.

The orthodontic treatment options available at Hallmark Dental Group includes the following:

Types of Orthodontic Braces

Traditional Braces: Though many different types of braces have become popular in the market, traditional braces are still one of the most preferred orthodontic appliances in the town. The current conventional models are lighter in form and weight and are much more convenient for the wearers as well. Traditional braces are usually fabricated using stainless steel with metal brackets attached to the teeth.

Clear Aligners: An alternative to traditional braces, clear aligners are designed to be comfortable, discreet and effective. They are made from special clear plastic and carefully designed using advanced computer technology to ensure a perfect fit. These aligners are nearly invisible once placed in your mouth.

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

When you undergo orthodontic treatments at Hallmark Dental Group, you are likely to experience the below benefits:

  • Improved ability to eat and chew food.
  • Correction of speech-related issues.
  • Straight teeth mean easier brushing, cleaning and flossing teeth.
  • Better teeth cleaning ensures better oral hygiene, resulting in reduced cavities and periodontal disease.
  • Lessened grinding and chipping of teeth.
  • Lessened risk of injury resulting from protruding of teeth.
  • Feelings of greater confidence and self-assurance as a result of aligned teeth.
  • Comfortable and well-aligned bite.
  • Decreased risk of TMJ strain and discomfort.

When someone has issues connected to a bad bite, it can lead to discomfort, tooth loss and other oral health issues if left untreated. The best method to fix these dental issues and avoid future bite problems is treating them with orthodontic treatments.

How Do Orthodontic Treatments Work?

Orthodontic treatments work by applying continuous, mild pressure on the teeth, causing them to move to their ideal positions to get perfectly aligned.

After analyzing your teeth, our dentists will decide the perfect orthodontic treatment that better suits your needs and preferences.

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