Dr. Phillip Hall and Dr. James Phillips offer wisdom teeth removal to help preserve and protect your oral health and smile. This oral surgery procedure can help you avoid a number of dental problems and continue to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and fully functional smile!

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third molars. They are the last teeth to come in at the very back of the mouth, and usually erupt during in the late teen years or in early adulthood. There is typically not enough space for these teeth in your mouth, which means our dentists may recommend extracting these teeth before they can cause any damage to your other teeth or your smile.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

Because wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in there is not typically enough space to properly accommodate these teeth. This leads them to erupt an at incorrect angle or become impacted (trapped in the gums and jawbone and unable to erupt properly). Wisdom teeth can also cause a number of problems for your oral health, such as:

  • Disturbing your tooth alignment
  • Damaging the neighboring teeth
  • Contributing to tooth decay and cavities
  • Contributing to infection and inflammation
  • Causing the formation of cysts
  • Damaging your jawbone or other supporting structures

This makes extracting your wisdom teeth an important part of keeping your smile healthy. Our dentists will evaluate your teeth and mouth, and will work closely with you to remove your wisdom teeth as gently as possible.

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