Oral Surgery is performed on gums, jawbone, lips, teeth or the soft tissues of the mouth. In many cases, we use conservative treatment but, in some cases, oral surgery may be the right option to improve your oral and overall health. Our dentists and team at Hallmark Dental Group have performed numerous successful oral surgeries of all types.

When would oral surgery be necessary?

Oral trauma: Oral trauma is one of the most common conditions that require oral surgery. When the patient has a bad fall, a sports-related injury or sustains a hard blow to the mouth accidentally, they may injure their teeth, jaws or the soft tissues of the mouth. If you have a dental emergency, call us as soon as possible, and we will make our best effort to offer timely assistance.

Tooth Extraction: Tooth extractions means the removal of a tooth from its socket. You may need one due to painful conditions like a severely infected tooth or a that is beyond repair or broken down due to tooth decay or oral trauma.

Impacted wisdom tooth removal: The wisdom teeth are the last ones to emerge and are at the back of the jaw. Sometimes, there are complications during the emergence of the tooth, making it get “stuck” in between the jawbone and the gums. This condition is called “impacted wisdom teeth” and can be quite painful. Such teeth are best removed by means of surgery.

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