Our experienced dentists and team provide dental fillings to repair and restore your teeth! These restorations are a great option for giving you back your smile and helping you regain your oral health.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are simple restorations used to repair minor tooth damage that is caused by a cavity, minor fracturing or chipping. Fillings work by literally “filling in” the damaged areas of the tooth, restoring its original structure, function and appearance. There are two main types of dental fillings – silver amalgam and composite (tooth-colored) fillings. Composite fillings are more commonly used today, as they provide a natural-looking finish for your smile as well as an excellent long-term result for your oral health. This restoration can be completed in one comfortable visit with our dentists.

The dental filling process

When you receive a dental filling, our dentists will first clean your tooth, thoroughly removing any damaged tooth structure and any traces of decay. The filling material is then applied to the tooth and carefully shaped to match the tooth’s contours. Finally, our dentists will harden the filling to give you a lasting restoration for your smile. We will take care to ensure your comfort during this process, providing a local anesthetic and working with you to minimize any stress or anxiety you may feel.

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