Hallmark Dental Group is always looking for the latest technology and technological advances to deliver our patients a positive dental experience. Dr. Phillip Hall, Dr. James Phillips and the team are always adept at using the latest dental technologies and leading-edge equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

Here are a few of the latest dental technology devices that we use at Hallmark Dental Group:

3D Printer

The concept of 3D printing has taken the world of dentistry by storm. Its potential applications are endless, and its adoption into a dental lab and dental office has enabled an efficient workflow for dentists and lab technicians. 3D printing has allowed having more accurate end-results, giving the ability to print complex designs, unmatched flexibility and same-day dental procedures.

Our dentists and team use 3D printing technology in patient dental care and research and testing. With advanced scanning technology, our dentists can manufacture accurate replicas of the jaw and teeth. Having exact replicas helps our dentists to design dental implants and corrective appliances to have better fit, appearance and functionality for each patient.

3D Scanner

At Hallmark Dental Group, we use 3D dental scanning, one of the latest standards of care to reconstruct a patient’s teeth in 3D and interact with this model to visualize the aspects of their mouth that would otherwise be difficult to access. 3D dental scanning now allows our dentists to diagnose dental issues and provide better treatment effectively.

3D dental scanning is commonly used at our dental practice for cosmetic and restoration purposes. 3D imaging allows our dentists to plan and customize services for performing procedures like dental implants, bone grafts and orthodontic treatments.

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3D Imaging

Our dentists and team use 3D dental imaging or Cone Beam CT scanning to obtain a precise, detailed picture of the mouth from all perspectives. These accurate 3D images help our dentists identify potential problems and outline customized dental treatment plans more effectively. 3D dental imaging is a painless, noninvasive procedure that enables our dentists to have a superior analysis of your mouth, teeth, gums, bone density etc.

3D Imaging allows our dentists to have an unlimited view of the teeth and supportive oral structures, capturing the panoramic views of the maxillofacial area in a short time.

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Laser Periodontal Care

We employ laser dental cleaning, also known as periodontal laser therapy, to treat gum disease. The treatment procedure uses laser technology to remove the infected tissue along the gumline and for an intense cleaning process.

Our dentists will use a laser to locate and extract the inflamed gum tissue adjacent to the tooth’s root during the procedure. After this, we will remove the accumulated tartar and plaque. Later, using dental tools, we will smoothen out the rough spots present on the tooth and below the gumline to reduce the chance of your teeth and gums attracting more bacteria.

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