Teeth And The Golden Years… Make A Lasting Choice


In past articles I have extolled the many advantages for seniors and their overall physical health to be able to eat properly when they are battling the aging process. There is enjoyment and satisfaction being able to enjoy a meal alone or with friends and family without pain or embarrassment. My hat is off to the many that have made good decisions about dental care along the way. Seniors need to place value and priority on getting and maintaining the best dental health they you can. What is it worth? Is it too much to spend one thousand, ten thousand, and twenty thousand dollars? How much do people spend on cars, vacations, animals, four wheelers and other recreational desires? Is dental health a budgeted, planned expense? Or do you spend money on dentistry only if it’s an emergency when a tooth hurts or is broken?

I frequently hear “I’m on a fixed budget…I have no dental insurance…I’m not going to live that long…I don’t care about how my teeth look, etc.” I’m a realist and know there are limits that vary with personal budgets. I’m not saying that every last tooth should be saved at all costs. Sometimes the best solution has to be tooth extraction or dentures. My plea is do something about your dental condition that will sustain or improve it while you have choices. I see difficult and physically dangerous situations that I have to take care of due to prior procrastination, non-treatment, or having chosen in the past the cheapest and quickest fix. Misery and suffering from dental neglect is costly both financially and emotionally. Dentists are caring individuals who are concerned about their patient’s well-being. I feel great satisfaction when I am successful at motivating people to make lasting choices for their dental health.